Our Values

Community of Christ is a faith tradition rooted in self-improvement, volunteerism, change and persistence. With over 250,000 members in more than 60 countries, Community of Christ has left behind the Americentric ideals of the past, fostering instead a culture of celebrated diversity, healing discernment, democratic process and empowering inclusiveness.


Community of Christ has enjoyed gender equality worldwide since 1984, with women making up a considerable portion of all levels of the church’s leadership today. Reaching Out specifically is driven by women-led programming and administration.


Community of Christ – as a world church body in 2010, established more culturally appropriate avenues to discuss certain topics on a country by country basis. As a result, Community of Christ members across Canada voted as a body in 2012 to become an affirming and welcoming body within its borders after several years of discernment and a significant investment of resources in intentional dialogue.

Community of Christ in Canada maintains fully inclusive policies recognizing the worth, dignity and giftedness that all human beings – regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, bring to the world and to mission. In Canada, members of the priesthood are welcome to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, upholding the sacrament of marriage as being freely given from God. Members of the LGBTQ++ community enjoy full participation in the Community of Christ in Canada.

A full list of nations in which Community of Christ currently enforces fully affirming and welcoming policies, along with their respective dates of policy change, includes:

  • Australia: 2013 (ordination) / 2018 (marriage)
  • British Isles: 2014
  • United States: 2014
  • Canada: 2013
  • The Netherlands: 2017
  • Norway: 2017
  • Germany: 2019


Embracing and celebrating such diverse lived experiences can sometimes bring disagreement. Common consent guides our path forward together as a community, empowering us to work through difficult topics while avoiding a simply majority vote, potentially causing division. Instead , the common consent process provides time, space and opportunities to connect with others who might hold differing opinions. Ultimately, a minimum of 80% of the body must be in agreement priority to moving towards its a formal vote.


Community of Christ claims no exclusive monopoly on truth. We believe that we have a special mission and path. If you feel a similar calling, we invite you to share the path with us. At the same time, we recognize that there are many different paths that promote peace and justice throughout the world. For this reason, Community of Christ has a longstanding tradition of participation in ecumenical groups and interfaith groups. To learn more, check out our Encountering World Religions Centre for more information.

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