When are events held?

We meet weekly, but times, days, and frequencies vary – especially with our events and experiences. Check out our event calendar to find out about upcoming events.

What does a standard Reaching Out event look like?

This varies based on the events and the day of the week. There are some events which follow no standard format. You really never know what you will experience at one of our events!

What do I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Come as you are!

How much that is donated to Reaching Out is for administration or overhead?

All those that work on programming, events or the administration of Reaching Out are volunteers. We do not pay salaries to anyone to perform administration work, programming or daily building and community functions. We encourage any members or friends of our community to join in and volunteer in any capacity. Any local giving is put back into the building or programming to perpetuate our ability to serve each other and the community through our programs and outreach.

How much do I need to donate to Reaching Out monthly?

There is no set amount. Reaching Out does not designate that any amount be given per individual. We believe that it is up to each individual to give freely and to their capacity. We are transparent regarding our yearly budgets and strive to provide monthly updates so that everyone that donates is aware of how we are tracking towards our giving goal.

How can I donate to Reaching Out?

There are two main ways to donate:

  1. Donate at a gathering or event with cash and/or cheques.
  2. Donate through the Community of Christ’s Pre-Authorized Transfer (P.A.T.) program.

Our P.A.T. program allows donations to be set at a specific amount at the discretion of the person giving. This amount is then withdrawn directly from their determined bank account each month. This is a great way for Reaching Out to ensure the continuation of funding throughout the year. To learn more, speak with our Chief Financial Officer.

How does Reaching Out maintain transparency with those that give?

Reaching Out focuses on financial responsibility and accountability. We hold yearly business meetings to approve our budget for the year. We also have other business meetings held throughout the year should any major expenses require member approval. We strive to provide monthly financial updates to all members. Our Chief Financial Officer is always available to answer any questions.

Is there parking at the building?

There are 9 parking spots located at the back of the building, with some accessibility parking. We recommend parking in the Green P parking lot near our building.

How can I become a volunteer?

Reaching Out is always looking for new people to join our programming and become volunteers. Anyone who wants to become a volunteer should speak to one of the Reaching Out Leadership Team. They can assist in working with you to become a volunteer, including going through our background check process.

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