Meet the Reaching Out Leadership Team

Reaching Out is only as good as our people. We believe that between the leadership team below and all of our other volunteers, members and friends who continue to support, pitch in and love what we do – we believe we are poised to do great things for years to come.

The Leadership Team consists of our volunteer Spiritual Program Leader, volunteer Youth Program Director and volunteer Chief Financial Officer. They bring their skills in administration, programming, financial responsibility, spirituality, youth work and marketing to make Reaching Out what it is.

Vivian Beeching – Spiritual Program Leader

Vivian has been a part of the Community of Christ for her entire life. She has held many different positions within our organization. We have looked to Vivian on numerous occasions as we try and wade through the spiritual landscape that we find ourselves in. She has been integral in our progress thus far and continues to be a staunch proponent of Reaching Out, our programming and our ability to reach out. As a self-confessed eternal optimist, Vivian provides hope in times of hardship and joy in times of celebration. We would not be where we are today without Vivian’s guidance, counsel, friendship and experience.

Shannon Dailey – Youth Program Director

Shannon has been a part of Community of Christ for her entire life. Growing up in this setting has given Shannon key insights into the effectiveness of programming and outreach for an organization like ours. Couple that with her day job as a teacher, Shannon is uniquely suited and – to our great benefit – greatly skilled at youth programming. Shannon strives to deliver quality programming for youth of all ages and families each month with our inter-generational All In Sundays, as well as events such as our Christmas party, Hallowe’en party and Summer Picnic. We are so excited to see what Shannon will be able to help us accomplish in our new space.

James Clark – Chief Financial Officer

James has been a part of the Community of Christ for his entire life. James serves as our Chief Financial Officer and is responsible not only for the monies within Reaching Out, but James is also responsible for the building. With a degree in Advertising Management, James has taken on the responsibility for many of Reaching Out’s marketing efforts. We continue to see growth online and many opportunities show up daily so we are very pleased to have someone with James’ skills and energy to be able to keep up with it all.

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