All In Sunday

Free, local programming for kids and families to experience community

Typically held on the last Sunday of the month, our All In Sunday program is one of the most fun days at Reaching Out. We call it All In Sunday because it is when our community goes All In. Everyone from ages 4 – 94 get involved and we have a blast. This inter-generational program for kids and families runs from 11AM until about 3PM. Family involvement is key to the success of this program and while it can be a bit noisy, it is a sound that we love and look forward to each month.

The benefits of this program can have a huge impact for families:

  • Planned family time, which includes a meal, crafts and other activities.
  • Limited Screens. We try to focus on interactions, experiments and activities with each other.
  • Feeling of being connected to a welcoming community group that truly cares.
  • Extending All In Sunday to the home. By having families bring a lunch dish to share, many families plan, shop and prepare the dish together.
  • All In Sundays are free activities when families help pitch in.
  • All In Sundays are mostly held at our space in Streetsville, Ontario – right in the heart of Mississauga, easily accessible by car, bus, GO Train and other means.

An All In Sunday program usually consists of a theme that is selected for the month, such as Easter for April and Hallowe’en for October. Then, we use the theme to inform the following three aspects of All In Sunday:

  • Gathering time for about an hour, including stories, experiments, songs, discussion and teamwork.
  • Potluck Lunch where everyone brings something to share.
  • Crafts, Indoor and (weather permitting) Outdoor activities.

My family and I have very much enjoyed the All In Sunday’s at Reaching Out. The opportunity for the combination of learning, fun and family is very unique and special. Our daughter loved being with other kids and we all felt welcome. – Krista K., Professor at Ryerson University

Ready for quality family time?

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Our Gathering Time is where Shannon Dailey – Youth Program Director – guides us through our theme for the day. In past All In Sundays, we have learned about International Dot Day, Heroes and Snow. We weave into this time discussion, teamwork, experiments, singing, prayers and excitement. Children are encouraged to sit close to Shannon and work with her on their experiment for the day. We are also focusing on community involvement during this time, as we are working to incorporate locally-grown food as well as developing crafts for those living in Senior’s residences.

Our Potluck Lunch is just that – a collection of different foods brought by everyone who attends Old young, men and women all work to make food and clean up so that everyone can enjoy the experience of All In Sunday. Many of our families plan, shop and cook this meal together as they prepare for All In Sunday. Food and fellowship has always been a big part of Reaching Out and we continue to make it important to our outreach. We have gluten free options for those that require them. We usually run into the same problem: our plates are not big enough. Drinks are provided by Reaching Out. As we move into our new building, our kitchen will be a key tool to help in the community.

The afternoon of All In Sunday is really where we get creative. We usually play games, create crafts and work outdoors. We have made all kinds of things: snowmen and snow women from socks, butter tarts, Hallowe’en pictures and pies. Weather permitting, we head outside and run through scavenger hunts or tap trees and make maple syrup. That’s the beauty of this program – you never quite know what you are going to get at each All In Sunday.

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