Good Problems

My definition of a good problem: no matter the path chosen, success is inevitable. Reaching Out is lucky enough to currently be inundated with good problems. We would not have said that 1 year ago. Incredibly – as of today – it has been 1 year since we voted to split the GTA West congregation into two groups. Does it feel like a year to you?

Close your eyes right now and take a minute to reflect on the thoughts and feelings you had 1.5 – 2 years ago as we had our big meeting and vote in the gym to sell the building.

Now, close your eyes and take a minute to reflect on where we are at today, the thoughts and feelings you have about Reaching Out and our future.

It is amazing the difference a year can make.

We have secured a building. We are marketing ourselves effectively and seeing the results of that marketing. We have embraced home gatherings as we await the completion of our building. We have found previously unknown avenues for us in the Chartwell Residence and the ministry we provide there on a monthly basis. We see growth in our All In Sunday program. We have started to flip our model on it’s head with our Weird Church book study.

What this past year has showed me clearly and vividly is that we are now dealing with an abundance of good problems. Gone are the days of apathy and a lack of passion. Say goodbye to bare minimum engagement and excitement. Bid adieu to being worried about our building and the future of the congregation.

Don’t believe me? Here are just a handful of good problems we currently face:

  • How do we continue our outreach at Chartwell after the building is ready?
  • What representation are we going to have at the Bread and Honey Festival in early June?
  • What churches, groups and other community leaders do we need to reach out to in Mississauga to learn how we can impact the community?
  • How many people can we expect for our grand opening in September?
  • What are we planning for our grand opening in September?

I for one am very excited where things are headed, how we are planning and what new and exciting opportunities await us. Let’s continue to pray that Reaching Out keeps having to confront good problems as we move into the second year of our existence.

Until next time…

James Clark – C.F.O., Reaching Out

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