Reaching Out Marketing Efforts

Some exciting things are happening with Reaching Out Marketing efforts.

First, Reaching Out has an ad campaign running on Google. Take a look:

The concern that we have heard is that some people feel they are not spiritual enough for a community like ours. We hope that this ad allows them to feel that no matter their level of spirituality, they are spiritual enough for Reaching Out.

We have seen over 600 impressions (people who have seen our ad) and over 15 clicks in little over a week. This is just the beginning but we should continue to garner more and more impressions and clicks as time goes on. We will need to reassess this strategy later in 2019 to confirm if we are seeing the kind of traction we want. The goal is to have users to visit our site and sign up for our emails or follow us on social. Hopefully we will see an increase in both of these metrics moving forward.

Secondly, we ran an Instagram Ad for the past 10 days. The ad promoted our new website (re-purposed old Instagram post) and we were able to secure the following metrics:

  • 55 website visits
  • 7 profile visits
  • 5,140 people reached
  • 6,306 impressions

We will continue to see if we can grow our Instagram followers with more content in the future.

Finally, our website traffic has continued to grow. Here are some key stats from the first 3 months of our website’s operation:

  • June 2019: 16 users, 2.03 pages per session, 2:20 average session duration
  • July 2019: 44 users (175% increase in users from June 2019), 2.13 pages per session, 1:08 average session duration
  • August 2019 (to August 12, 2019): 88 users (100% increase in users from July 2019), 3.02 pages per session, 3:29 average session duration

As can be seen, we are increasing site traffic, page views per session and average session duration. It is GREAT that we are able to have a 100% increase in users in August from July, and we are only 12 days into August. Blog posts like this one continue to increase traffic.

These are just some of the things we have on the go as we move into fall.

Until next time…

James Clark – C.F.O., Reaching Out

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