Our New Adventure


This word has always been one of my favourites. It creates a visual of looking out over a vast expanse full of potential, opportunity and threats. It has been used by great politicians and orators to evoke the immensity of the work ahead while at the same time instilling a sense of togetherness, rewards and community building.

Reaching Out now stands on a precipice. We as a community are at a crossroads that many communities face in 2019: adapt or die. As some of you know, we have also dealt with other internal factors that have contributed to the decline of our community. Through sheer will, forethought, planning, partnerships, prayer and a bit of luck, I am proud to say that Reaching Out is choosing to adapt. We have been given a gift that many communities yearn for: a second chance.

There have been many who have come before us. Family, friends, colleagues and advisors – too many to mention. They will never be forgotten. They make us taller, smarter, give us strength and help us reach higher. We stand on their shoulders and hope to make them proud.

Some of you may be wondering: what is our goal? Right now, our goal is simple: foundation building. We must get certain elements up and running before we can have a truly impactful presence in our community. I am proud to say we have the skills, people and knowledge to get there. Many of the required elements are already up and running.

To be clear, I have some promises that I want to make regarding the Reaching Out Community:

  1. We are making it a priority to market ourselves effectively.
  2. We are building the foundation for financial sustainability.
  3. We are bringing new, exciting and engaging programming to the communities we serve.
  4. We are working to secure a building so that we have a versatile space that can sustain us into the future.
  5. We are transparent, open, honest and adaptable.

These are my promises to you.

All of us are excited about our new adventure. You can follow along in our journey with us at this blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in our emails. I also invite you to view more of this site to get a sense for what Reaching Out stands for.

Until next time…

James Clark – C.F.O., Reaching Out

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